“It is time people recognize your skills as a DJ. To all congress promoters, please invite Brian El Matatan to play at your events. He needs to be showcased in the main ball rooms. This is how good his Bachata sets are!”

– Adrian Rashid, New York


“Last night… was off the hook at Jorge’s Dallas Bachata Festival. It’s been a while since I spent two uninterrupted hours ON the dance floor, but then when DJ Brian Thomas El Matatan is charged up with pure Bachata from the island! Are there any questions here? What don’t you understand about the words – traditional bachata? So it starts off with Adam Taub dancing on my left and Carlos Cinta workin’ it on my right and from there the night just exploded from 12-2am in the dedicated Dominican music room…. and a great gathering of bachateros/as. All I could keep thinkin’ was “Feet don’t fail me now!” All this followed by a cool down visit with such good people…..one of those you don’t want to end. How much dancing was there, you ask? Enough to put holes in my sox (not kidding) ! jus’ sayin'” 

– Ron Swarsen “DJRJ”, Colorado


“Now it’s time for one of the highlights… Bachata music at the Bar with DJ Carlos Cinta holding it down DJ Matatan closing it up! And DJ RJ sharing the Bachata music expertise. This has been by far the best Dallas Festival Ever!… freaking EPiC!”

– Edwin M. Ferreras (LFX Dance Company), New York


“Enjoyed time and conversations with Edwin, Daniela, Brian, and Fred (Maestro). Brian “El Matatan” Dj’d a 2 hour set of bachata on Saturday night that was truly memorable! A set full of emotion that had the crowd enjoying, feeling the music and dancing at their best! Well done! The set took place in one of the hotel bars as the “Dominican Bachata” room. It started out with just a couple of us on the floor, My friends Carlos Cinta and Ron Swarsen. It wasn’t long before tons of great dancers found the room and filled the space with great dancing. 2 hours non stop and we could have went another 2.”

– Adam Taub, Colorado


“That was my favorite part of the festival! Bachata in the bar next to the pool tables! Great music Brian El Matatan!”

– Audrey R., Texas


“Thanks Jorge for bringing to Dallas another great Bachata Festival! Great music last night between Juanito Pachanga bringing in that rare great salsa & in the smaller room Brian Thomas El Matatan played the most amazing, REAL Dominican Bachata I heard all night all I got to say is Wow!! Tks”

– Emily M., Texas


“The best 2 hrs that whole weekend We should just have our own congress with DJ Matatan all night every night!”

– Dasha K. (F&F Dance Company), New York


“The traditional/bar bachata room was off the chain with DJ Brian El Matatan, I wish it could have gone up to 4am! HINT HINT Jorge!”

– Daniela Grosso (LFX Dance Company), New York


“I have to say, you killed your set Saturday night. I think it was the best two hours of dancing I had all weekend. Great job!”

– Alice Niño (F&F Dance Company), New York


“Dallas Bachata Festival!! Hands down the best dances I have ever had…one after the other! Thanks to all the fabulous leads and the awesome DJ! Adam,Ron, Chris, Carlos, Jorge, Lee, Edwin, Fausto, Adrian …last but not least Brian the DJ!”

– Katie Knutson, Minnesota


“Oh my goodness!! Brian, your music was on POINT! I didn’t want to leave, even with numb toes. Haha! When I walked in, literally the second song you played was one of my favorites by Joan Soriano – Solo Tu!! I knew I wasn’t leaving that room. Thank you for keeping us grooving through the night.”

– Alisha R., Texas


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